Farmer Jones’ CSA Monthly Subscription

Get ready to be WOWED with vegetables delivered to your home
every month for 6 months!


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and get a 10% discount on the price of your monthly veggie box.


At The Chef’s Garden, a subscription to our extraordinary specialty vegetables is a must-have for the dedicated food enthusiast and health conscious gourmand.

We have 6-month CSA subscriptions available in two box sizes.

Veg of the Month Box
12 X 12 X 6
About 8-10 pounds of vegetables

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The Family Heirloom Box
12 X 12 X 13
About 15 pounds of vegetables

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Once you place your order, just sit back and relax. You will receive one box every month for the next 6 months. Farmer Jones will pick the best seasonal products available each month to make sure that you and your friends and family receive the best the farm has to offer.

Choose to have your order shipped direct to your home or select "Pick-Up" if you live near the farm. Click to read more about our Pick-up Option.

Our seasonal vegetable home delivery boxes feature the most unique, flavorful and healthy vegetables, herbs and greens available. The Chef’s Garden year round, hand-harvests for flavor and excellence, and packs with meticulous detail to insure fresh arrival.

This is the perfect gift for you or health-conscious friends and fine food connoisseurs! Always an array of the healthiest, tastiest, most flavorful vegetables, lettuces, greens and herbs dirct from chefs' favorite farm.