Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

Valentine’s Day Dinner for Two

“As we brainstormed ideas,” Farmer Lee Jones says, “we focused on our two core passions: farm-fresh vegetables and building and cherishing relationships. So, we wanted to create an offering that allows people to embrace both.” 

This year, about 40 percent of Americans want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the comfort of their own homes. According to the National Retail Federation, “while some may use this as an opportunity to show off the new cooking skills they picked up during the pandemic, others might be looking to local restaurants for meal kits or three-course dinners to re-create the fine-dining experience.”

“Fortunately,” Farmer Lee says, “we can provide a perfect combination of these two opportunities.”

Curated Fresh Vegetables and Valentine’s Day Dinner Recipes

“We specially curated a box of fresh vegetables,” Chef Jamie Simpson explains, “to support a four-course dinner for two and then included Valentine’s Day dinner recipes.”

Course #1

The meal begins with a warm spinach salad topped by a fermented beet vinaigrette with the dressing created in a collaboration with Cleveland Kitchen. This delicious salad includes shaved radishes topped with stunning Egyptian starflowers.

Course #2

Next up is a flavorful Jerusalem artichoke soup that includes micro sunflowers. “These two ingredients belong in the same family,” Jamie explains, “which creates a beautiful bridge between them. Plus, I don’t think we showcase our sunflowers enough.”

Course #3

Lasagna for two includes layers of rich and flavorful sweet potatoes as well as the farm’s signature carrot. Instead of ricotta, this recipe calls for cheese that’s created in ways reminiscent of classic French cuisine.

Course #4

Now, imagine a dessert that delicately balances in the middle of pudding and cake—and then tilt it ever so slightly in the cake direction. “This is a warm beet spoon cake,” Jamie explains, “with just enough flour to hold it together. Delicious and comforting.”


To further round out the dining experience, you can choose to add the ingredients and recipe for twice baked potatoes—and, to enjoy a sensational appetizer, you can add our crudités to your special Valentine’s Day dinner for two.

Plus, you can receive ingredients for a unique Cosmopolitan tea mocktail or add your own spirits to the drink for a refreshing cocktail.

Here’s How It Works

You can order your Valentine’s Day dinner for two box online and have it shipped directly to your front door. This includes ingredients from the farm as well as our Valentine’s Day dinner recipes. You’ll only need to supplement this with ingredients often found in a kitchen, such as butter, eggs, and flour.

Or you can order your Valentine’s Day dinner and Live zoom event for two box and have it delivered directly to your door. Once you receive the box, you can follow our videos we sent to you for advance prep. We know that, on Valentine's Day, you don’t want to spend all your time in the kitchen. You want to be with your special someone—and so we’ll guide you through doing nearly all of the prep ahead of time. Then you’ll only need to do a bit of searing and heating right before dinner.

Or you can arrange to pick up your box of ingredients the day before from the CVI. If you select this option, you can also add bottles of wine to your order as well as freshly prepared appetizers.

On the day of the live zoom event, we’ll livestream from the CVI kitchen. This includes a jazz band to provide just the right ambiance for the holiday that celebrates love as well as plating tips and more from Chef Jamie. “I’ll stay low profile,” he says, “so you can enjoy your dinner while also making myself available for questions.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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