Vegetables to Support Postpartum

After delivering a baby it is vitally important to replenish and nourish your body with vibrant nutrient dense vegetables. The term postnatal depletion is being used more now to describe the physical and emotional fatigue a mother experiences after delivering a baby. Focusing on foods that are nutrient dense, easily prepared, and easy to digest is a great place to start. Possible ideas include smoothies (berries, avocado, chia or hemp seeds, and spinach), soups (easily blend seasonal vegetables in a high speed blender), stews or roasts with vegetables and herbs, bone broth made with vegetables and herbs, and cooked grains (like oats, quinoa, or buckwheat) with roasted or steamed vegetables.

For snacks consider vegetables with hummus, Greek yogurt with herbs, or beet dip, fermented vegetables, nuts and/or seeds with seasonal fruit or vegetables, and yogurt bowls (add beets, carrots, fruit, nuts, seeds, coconut, etc.). During the postpartum period it remains essential to maintain balanced blood sugar to help maintain energy levels, balance changing hormones, and support mood.

We've curated a collection of vegetables to support post-partum. 

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