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We’re honored to collaborate with celebrated chef, Dan Perretta, to bring you exclusive recipes featuring farm-fresh ingredients.

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Chef & Farmer Relationships

For over thirty years, the Jones family and by extension, The Chef’s Garden, has devoted itself to working in concert with extraordinary chefs from around the world. The conversations we have with the chefs we collaborate with and the work it inspires has resulted in a narrative intrinsic to the quality of the vegetables we grow and the regenerative agricultural practices we implement to do it. We always look forward to supporting and collaborating with them in deeply meaningful ways. Pre-Order Today!

“We at The Chef’s Garden have been fortunate to get to know many professional chefs who share our passion for quality produce and appreciate the beauty of seasonality. This box not only shares special recipes and delicious, regeneratively grown produce, but also inspiration and authentic appreciation for the craft." -Farmer Lee Jones. 

Current Chef + Farmer Recipe Box Featured Chefs

Chef + Farmer Recipe Box

Chef Dan Perretta

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Previous Chef + Farmer Recipe Box Featured Chefs

Chef Gavin Kaysen

Chef Brad Kilgore

Chef Hong Thaimee