Baby Arugula

Baby Arugula
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Arugula is an aromatic, tangy and tasty leafy green. We offer you the very best of our farm-fresh arugula by selecting our mixed arugula. Each variety offers up a nutty sweetness, ending with a mild zing of peppery spicy flavor, with tender yet crunchy green leaves.

Mixed, 1 lb.

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Health Benefits

Good source of beta-carotene (eye and immune health), Vitamin C (antioxidant and collagen production), folate (red blood cell function and reproductive health), and Vitamin K (cardiovascular and bone health), and magnesium (cardiovascular health, nervous system, and blood sugar balance). Good source of glucosinolates (such as sulphoraphane- activated when arugula is cut or chewed, and is deactivated by cooking) which may help to support healthy detoxification, cancer prevention, and more.

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