Dog Treats

Dog Treats
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Treat your dog to a chewy, wholesome nutritional snack made from 100% all natural, dried pumpkins and/or sweet potatoes.  

Our team saves pumpkins and sweet potatoes that might have a blemished spot or a bit of bad skin—or otherwise don’t make the grade for our chefs and home cooks. We carefully clean each one before slicing, steaming, and drying.

The result is a chewy, dense, delicious dog treat that varies in size.

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All-Natural Dog Treats: Made in the CVI Kitchen
“We came up with the idea to make natural dog treats from ingredients from The Chef’s Garden while at our farm market stand last fall,” Chef Jamie Simpson explains. “We experimented with pumpkin and it went over well—both with the owners and the dogs.” Click here to read the full blog.

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