Farm Gomasio

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Farmer Jones Farm Gomasio is a seasoning composed primarily of toasted sesame seeds, delicate flakes of kosher salt, and a blend of herbs from The Chef's Garden. With ingredients like bee pollen and plum sorrel playing supporting roles, this batch of gomasio is a friend to many foods.

In this batch of gomasio, we’ve avoided ingredients that lean strictly toward savory ingredients. While it excels on salads and vegetables, its talent for seasoning is ambidextrous. Sweet foods like fruits frozen or yogurt stand to gain just as much from the gomasio as their savory counterparts.

Most applications of gomasio are as a finishing component. Still, it is well suited to be an ingredient included in the cooking process. It can be used with crunchy breadcrumbs for a crispy breading, directly in marinades for meats and vegetables, and as the salt in homemade soups or sauces.

How to use Gomasio

4 oz. container. 

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