Farm Honey and Focaccia Bread

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Sometimes, the simplest combinations are best, triggering marvelous memories of sitting at Grandma’s table as she pulled freshly baked bread from the oven before slathering it with fresh honey. 

Our combination of farm honey and foccasio bread allows you to share this nostalgic experience with people you love—while giving you the freedom to be fully creative with these ingredients. There are no limits! Besides being a wonderful addition to your kitchen, this also makes a perfect gift for friends and family members. 

Farm-Fresh Honey

The bees we tend with love on our grounds are actually the hardest working members of our farm. To support the bees, we maintain more than forty beehives. As they fly around, they—just like people—gravitate to their favorite blooms. This makes the farm fresh honey we offer a truly unique expression of our farm.

Dario’s Focaccia Baking Mix

This dry mix offers up memorable loaves of bread that are a gratifying marriage of crispy crust, chewy crumb, and incredible aroma. This baking mix allows you to conveniently make a versatile dough that’s perfect to top before and after baking—and the result can be as expressive as your imagination allows you to be.

Expanding the Combo

Our Farm Honey and Foccasio Bread provides all you need for the perfect honey sandwich while also providing a foundation for other variations such as cinnamon toast topped with honey. To add to the experience, consider ordering one or more of our proprietary Flowerhouse Teas; you can see five flavorful options in our Flowerhouse Tea Box. Order the set or select individual varieties from our website. 

Also take a look at our amazing signature marmalade flavors. You can see choices in our Marmalade Experience Box. Try all five or, again, select your favorites from our site. 

Box Includes:

  • Dario's Focaccia Baking Mix 
  • Farm Fresh Honey: creamed honey

Limited quantity.  

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