Farm Marmalade and Focaccia Bread

Farm Marmalade and Focaccia Bread
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Bread and Jam

Perfect culinary pairings include peas and carrots, tomatoes sprinkled with mozzarella cheese—and, of course, fresh bread spread with delicious jam. With the Farmer Jones Farm’s bread and jam offering, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in this classic pairing. 

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Dario’s Focaccia Baking Mix

With this unique bread mix, you can conveniently bake loaves of bread with a crispy crust, chewy crumb—and incredible aroma. Close your eyes, imagine the scent of bread baking, and breathe in deeply. What you imagine can come to life as you make and consume the bread.

The dry mix creates a versatile dough that allows for toppings both before and after baking, making it extremely versatile and expressive. 

Marmalade in Collaboration with Prospect Jam Company

Emily Hutton of Prospect Jam Co. brainstormed and experimented with our chef team to find exactly the right ingredients and proportions for our marmalades. The result? Optimal flavor, texture, and visual appeal, perfect for spreading over freshly baked bread.

This artisan marmalades allows the farm to reduce food waste and extend the reach of produce while creating an utterly delicious product. Emily is the ideal collaborator, too, as she intentionally inspires “unique experiences through the craft of seasonal preservation while promoting creativity and collaboration.”

Extending Your Reach

Items in this offering pair together perfectly. That said, you can also use the bread mix to make delicious muffins, wraps, flatbreads, pan and wood-fired pizza crusts, rustic batards, ciabatta, and much more. We’ll provide Dario’s recipe and clear instructions so you’ll consistently create a delicious result that will have family members say, “What are you making? It sure smells good!”

Spread the jam over pancakes and waffles, use it in thumbprint cookies and other desserts, as well as anywhere else your imagination and taste buds take you!

Limited quantity.  

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Box Includes
  • Dario's Focaccia Baking Mix
  • Farmer's Choice Marmalade

Limited quantity.  

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