Farm Jam and Jelly Duo

Farm Jam and Jelly Duo
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Jam & Jelly Duo

Can’t decide if you prefer jam or jelly? No problem. With our Jam & Jelly Duo, you don’t have to! 

Jam Versus Jelly

Here’s the difference between the two. Jam is made with whole fruit that’s been crushed or cut into pieces as part of the jam-making process. So, jam offers up more of a texture. Jelly contains the fruit of the juice (or vegetable), which provides a smooth, clear spread.

Our signature jams and jellies are both made in collaboration with Emily Hutton’s Prospect Jam Company, an artisan company in Ohio. Her mission is to “create intentionally unique experiences through the craft of seasonal preservation while promoting creativity and collaboration”—and that really resonates with us.

Here’s what you’ll get in our Jam & Jelly Duo.

Viola Champagne Jelly

Sit back and picture the process! Apples are juiced and then cooked with champagne. Meanwhile, edible violas that were grown and harvested with care at The Chef’s Garden are tenderly dried before being added to the apple-champagne mix. 

These delightful edible flowers turn the mixture into a gorgeous shade of ruby red. This is a sign that it’s time to strain what remains of the flowers. Before our Viola Champagne Jelly is jarred and sealed, the jelly is topped with dried edible flowers, which rehydrate in the steam. The result: a one of a kind taste experience that’s visually stunning. 

When the jar is opened, stir in the blooms and use this unique jelly on sandwiches or on a piece of cheese. Spread it on carrots or use this artisan jam as the crowning glory on an angel food cake.

Strawberry Jam

Our strawberry jam is every bit as delicious, the essence of summer in a jar. This flavorful spread just doesn’t need much explaining! Enjoy it every day.


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