Farm Pantry Experience

Farm Pantry Experience
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We've gathered some of our delicious pantry favorites for you in this collection.

Flowerhouse Tea

Imagine a flavorful black or green tea—and then envision one containing our farm’s favorite edible flowers. This custom blend creates a true taste sensation that also offers up unique culinary aromas. This box box will include one of our proprietary tea blends. (If you’d like to try all five, order our Flowerhouse Tea Box.)

Signature Marmalade

We’ve partnered with Prospect Jam Company, an artisan marmalade company in Ohio, to create delicious jars of goodness. We’ve created five signature marmalades, each allowing you to experience our farm’s field production in the sweetest ways. This box will contain one jar of our signature marmalades. (If you’d like to try all five, order our Marmalade Experience Box.)

Gomasio Seasoning

Our delicious gomasio seasoning contains toasted sesame seeds, delicate kosher salt flakes, and a special blend of herbs grown with love at The Chef’s Garden. Plum sorrel and bee pollen play marvelous supporting roles with our gomasio seasoning working well on sweet and savory dishes alike.

Flowerhouse Sprinkles

This unique blend of Flowerhouse Sprinkles contain dried edible flowers grown and hand-picked at The Chef’s Garden. These dried blooms are ideal to use in salads, soups, dips, butter, dressings, and desserts—adding a pop of color and delightful texture. Use in baking, to top a main dish, or in your favorite beverages.

Dario’s Focaccia Baking Mix

This dry mix offers up memorable loaves of bread that are a gratifying marriage of crispy crust, chewy crumb, and incredible aroma. This baking mix allows you to conveniently make a versatile dough that’s perfect to top before and after baking—and the result can be as expressive as your imagination allows you to be.

Farm-Fresh Honey

The bees we tend with love on our grounds are actually the hardest working members of our farm. To support the bees, we maintain more than forty beehives. As they fly around, they—just like people—gravitate to their favorite blooms. This makes the farm fresh honey we offer a truly unique expression of our farm. 


Box Includes:

  • Dario's Focaccia Baking Mix
  • Flowerhouse Sprinkles
  • Farm Gomasio
  • Creamed Honey
  • Signature Marmalade
  • Flowerhouse Tea

Limited quantity.  

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