Farm Raised Artisan Gold Turkey

Farm Raised Artisan Gold Turkey
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We are excited to offer Artisan Gold Turkeys for your holiday celebration.

These Artisan Gold turkeys were pasture raised on the farm as part of our permaculture operation. The Farmer Jones Farm Market is creating a permaculture that works with nature, instead of against it, creating a functional ecosystem within our crop and livestock cycles. 

Turkey ships frozen.  Please order in advance and allow 24 hours of fridge thawing time for every 5 lbs. of frozen turkey (for example: budget 4 full days of thawing in the fridge for a 20-pound turkey).

Choose a turkey that works best for your family!

  • Small (10-12#) - Best for 6-8 people 
  • Medium (17-18#) - Best for 8-10 people
  • Large (19-20#) - Best for 10-12 people            

Add a special thanksgiving herb blend to your order. It is perfect for your favorite dish. This is a blend of fennel, parsley, sage, tarragon, and thyme.

Click here to pre-order your Thanksgiving vegetable box.

Pricing includes freight and will ship immediately.  Pick up pricing available. Contact us at 567-623-9995.

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