Farmer Lee Jones CŪBLES

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Meet Farmer Lee! He's an expert vegetable farmer who wants to educate and inspire colorful, creative, and healthier eating for all. Farmer Lee & our friends at The Trotter Project invite you to Eat the Rainbow!

What is a CŪBLES? It is a fun-filled brain defying mash-up of a puzzle & origami. 

No glue or scissors needed. Assemble and color by number.

Ages 6+

  • Ages 6-10 will likely need help.
  • Ages 10-12 may need help at first
  • Ages 12+ will likely NOT require help.

Patented moving parts

100% Recyclable Paperboard. Made in America.

100 trees are planted for every tree that goes into creating a Cūble.  The innovative toy can be used to ignite conversations around regenerative farming practices, and the connection between colorful food and nutrition.

A portion of the proceeds goes to The Trotter Project a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. 

Discounts do not apply. 

The Trotter Project

Sow, Grow, Eat, Educate.

The Trotter Project creates, innovates, and advances place-based culinary arts learning and promotes food security.

Chef Charlie Trotter was a longtime friend of Farmer Lee and the farm, and we are committed to supporting The Trotter Project. When we were approached to collaborate on this impactful project to encourage healthy eating, it sounded like the perfect fit!

Read more about The Trotter Project.




are at the soul of every CŪBLES we create. So kids in the world can delight at saving the world in their imaginations, while actually creating a better planet in the real world.

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