Flowerhouse Bath & Body Self-Care Experience

Flowerhouse Bath & Body Self-Care Experience
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You’ve got special women in your life—and whether you’re looking for a unique gift for Mom, Grandma, yourself or someone else who provides you with plenty of love and attention, then this Flowerhouse Bath and Body Self-Care Experience is ideal.

Our naturally soothing bath and body products are blended with care from ingredients grown on our farm. Each product offers a fresh floral aroma for a lovely home spa experience.

Besides the Flowerhouse Soap that allows someone to luxuriously indulge herself, this gift box includes the following

  • Flowerhouse Soap
  • Flowerhouse Lotion
  • Flowerhouse Sugar Scrub
  • Flowerhouse Bath Salt 
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Mixed Edible Flowers
  • Card 

Flowerhouse Lotion

Imagine taking a poetic journey through a forest of cedar, spruce, and pine with patches of bright blue sky, white clouds, and rays of golden sunshine peeking between branches. On the ground are marigolds just about to vibrantly burst into full bloom. On your stroll through these woods, you take a deep breath and experience a fresh, clean scent, reminiscent of wood and smoke, with hints of herbal and tang of citrus.

Flowerhouse Sugar Scrub 

This luxuriously fine sugar scrub rehydrates skin.

Both botanical beauty of our farm grown flowers and an exfoliant wax from our beehives with the earthy chocolate aroma of cocoa butter. By using this luscious sugar scrub, dead skin cells can be removed to reveal healthy cells while encouraging healthy lymph flow, circulation, and collagen production. Finish the process by hydrating yourself with water or one of our Flowerhouse teas.

Flowerhouse Bath Salt

Soothe tired muscles and wash away worries with this unique blend of mineral rich salt and revel in the perfect bath ritual as you infuse your body with botanical beauty. Breathe in the glorious scent as you take relaxing breaths and then either steep the bath salt in a large jar and then strain before adding to the bath water or use the enclosed cloth bag that will allow the bath salt to gently float on the surface.

Limited quantity. 

Preorders will ship the week of May 2nd to arrive by Mother's Day.

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