Flowerhouse Botanical Experience

Flowerhouse Botanical Experience
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Our experience boxes are an opportunity to become acquainted with our small family farm. Our teams have come together to select items that best represent who we are and the products that we grow. Each item included in this hand selected gift box is selected to best represent who we are and are connected to our regenerative farming which allows us to provide flavorful and fragrant products to you.

This box contains items that use edible flowers from The Chef’s Garden to add a layer of flavor and culinary aromas. 

  • Flowerhouse Lotion
  • Flowerhouse Blossom Bar Soap
  • Flowerhouse Salve
  •  The Chef's Garden Mixed Flowers

Consider this as a treat for a small party or get-togethers with friends and family—or as a special celebration, just for you!

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