Flowerhouse Salve

Flowerhouse Salve
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The Flowerhouse Salve is a product of collaboration between a family farm and an Amish family of soap makers. We started this relationship with our Blossom bar soap.

The salve is made with beeswax from our hives and lemon verbena from the fields around them. It’s a beautiful lightly aromatic lemon scented natural product for long cold winters.

Flowerhouse Salve is very versatile. It can be used as a hand salve and a moisturizer.

To use: wash skin, gently and sparingly apply a light layer to your skin and allow to fully absorb.

Keep packaged at room temperature. Limited quantity.

A note about our Honeybees:

Honeybees are the hardest working creatures on our farm—and, to support the bees, the Culinary Vegetable Institute maintains 40+ beehives. We can therefore offer whole frame honey, shipped as it exists naturally in hives. We remove a full frame, put it on a stand, and ship it to you. 

Read more about Why Bees are Important

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