Flowerhouse Tea Trio

Flowerhouse Tea Trio
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Flowerhouse Tea Trio

Edible flowers add extra layers of flavor and aroma to culinary dishes with intriguing variations among them. Our team has chosen their favorite blooms and herbs and combined them with black and green teas to create custom tea blends that allow you to experience these culinary aromas in your afternoon tea! 

The Flowerhouse Tea trio will contain three of our teas, depending on availability.  

Rooibos Tea Fabiaceae 

Enjoy this borderline-creamy specialty tea rooted in its botanical namesake. This luscious tea contains organic African Rooibos along with butterfly pea blooms (the latter grown on our grounds for their vibrant blue infusions)—plus anise hyssop that’s grown for the bees and our teas. Serve this tea warm or iced with a lemon wedge.

 Lamiaceae Green Tea

This handpicked green tea—from the hills just west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province—has been famous since the eighth century. Known for its round and full flavor and uniquely nutty taste, it features a wonderful aroma and pleasant jade color—and is amplified by our own flowers and herbs: anise hyssop, verbena, lemon balm, mint, viola, and dianthus.

Oryza Green Tea

High-grade Japanese green tea (golden hojicha) offers up a deep smoky aroma and round, mild flavor achieved by roasting sencha leaves over charcoal in a porcelain pot. This amazing tea also contains parsnip, brown rice, arare, sencha, Himalayan tartary buckwheat, sorghum, viola, thyme, and salt. 

Malvaceae Black Tea

Savor the amazing aroma of organic Regal Earl Gray in this proprietary tea blend. Containing high mountain estate grown black tea, it’s imbued with Italian Bergamot oil. This flavorful tea contains vegetables, spices, and herbs from our grounds: cranberry hibiscus, roselle hibiscus, cocoa nib, beet, and vanilla.

Rutaceae Black Tea

Picture high mountain black tea seamlessly blended with five types of lemon leaves and two of lemon peel—and then imagine bachelor buttons, cukes with blooms, and lemongrass added to the delectable mix. What you have is our Rutaceae Black Tea.

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