Fundamentals of Immune Health

Fundamentals of Immune Health
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Date: October 26th, 2022

Time: Doors open at 5:30 Event 6:00 pm -7:30 pm 

Space is limited to 35 participants. 

Event Location: Culinary Vegetable Institute, 12304 Mudbrook Road, Milan, OH 44846

Discounts do not apply to events.

Participants have the option to purchase a curated box of vegetables to support immune health to take home from the event. 

Learn how to support your immune system naturally with this primer on the basics with Dr. Amy Sapola, Director of Farmacy at The Chef's Garden, and Dr. Elizabeth Laffay, Functional Medicine Physician at Elite Wellness Group

Dr Laffay will discuss the importance of gut health and how the integrity of the gut lining is one of the first lines of defense against disease and illness.  She will share some of the top micronutrients (C, D3, zinc, quercetin for example) that help support and strengthen the immune system.  

Dr. Amy will share information about vegetables and their nutrients that help support immune health as well as the lifestyle aspects.

There will be a food demonstration as well as tasting with guest chef Kim Sutherland! 

Meet Chef Kim Sutherland!

Chef Kim is the creator of Beautifully Nourished by Chef Kim- a movement that creates wellness and food awareness through what, why & how we are eating as well as the founder of The Well Chef- A leadership coaching  & support program for the Hospitality Industry.

Chef Kim has spent over 25 years in the Food and Beverage industry,  as the Red Seal Certified Chef, traveled across North America opening large venues and feeding thousands. She has worked in various restaurants and facilities and has helped plan and execute culinary creations for world-renowned events. Chef Kim has also had the honor of cooking with or for many celebrities in her career, from Gordon Ramsay to the Chef at Home Michael Smith, Pearl Jam, The Tragically Hip, and athletes of NHL hockey teams.

Kim is also a Certified Yoga Instructor and Mindful Eating and Meditation Practitioner.

Chef Kim is referred to as “the mother of all things”, she is passionate about food and our connections to food and loves to share her passion with others, she does this through speaking engagements, podcasts, teaching yoga, and retreat catering.

She believes food is an act of love, love for ourselves, others & each other and that we are all connected through food.

The kitchen is her altar and she is in service.


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