Gourmet Farm Experience Box

Gourmet Farm Experience Box
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Our experience boxes are an opportunity to become acquainted with our small family farm. Our teams have come together to select items that best represent who we are and the products that we grow. Each item included in our gift box is intricately connected with the regenerative farming we do to provide you with the highest quality products that are flavorful, fragrant, nutritious and unique to our farm.

This Gourmet Farm Experience box is ideal for the inquisitive foodies in your life, a unique gift found nowhere else. Items include our Gourmet Vegetable Box,  5-ounce box of cut honeycomb from bees tended with love on our grounds, along with Tomato Marmalade, Carrot Cake Marmalade, and Pepper Marmalade—each containing ingredients that are regeneratively farmed by our team. Plus, items that feature our edible flowers including Flowerhouse Malvaceae Blended Black Tea and our Flowerhouse Soap. This unique gift box also contains buckwheat flour, a squeeze bottle, tea infuser, and a wooden spoon or honey dipper.  

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