Regenerative Garden Enrichment Kit

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The Chef’s Garden At Home Regemerative Garden Enrichment Kit™

Over the years, we have received many inquiries on how our regenerative farming practices can be replicated at home. This inspired us to create The Chef’s Garden At-Home Garden Kit™, a kit that will allow you to treat your soil with the same care that we do with the use of organic blends, cover crops, and other regenerative farming techniques    

“For us,” Bob Jones, Jr. says, “soil is another crop, and so we give it plenty of time, attention, and love. We treat our soil as the living, breathing organism that it is, providing it with the food, air, and water it needs to be productive. We also give our soil the rest it needs to be especially productive. In short, soil needs the same things we as human beings do.”

Healthy soil = healthy plants = healthy people = healthy planet  

Included in Our Home Garden Enrichment Kit

This garden kit contains what you need for a 10’ x 10’ garden, an ideal size when starting out, including:

  • The Chef’s Garden Soil Granular Blend™ - Feeds Soil
  • The Chef’s Garden Transplant Solution™ - Feeds Plants at Planting
  • The Chef’s Garden Foliar Feed™ - Feeds Adolescent and Mature Plants
  • The Chef’s Garden Cover Crop Blend™ - Fallow Mix of Cover Crop Seeds
  • Farmer Jones Farm Market Tote 

    You’ll also receive step by step instructions, from choosing the right location to preparing your soil. You’ll have just what you need to condition your soil, transplant seedlings, feed your plants, and more. After harvesting, simply use our cover crop blend to prepare your soil for next year.

    As an added bonus, you will receive exclusive emails and videos throughout the year as it pertains to regenerative gardening. 

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