Honeybee Duo

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Recently, the Reel Rundown named the 500 best duos of all time. Top ones include:

  • John Lennon and Paul McCartney
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Batman and Robin

We’d like to toss out another great one: cut honeycomb and creamed honeycomb. Both products are included in our Honeybee Duo. In each, you’ll benefit from the hard work of the honeybees that we tend on our grounds with love—and each is incredibly delicious. 

Cut Honeycomb

We tend more than forty beehives at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, and both our cut comb and creamed honey come from their diligent efforts. With our cut honeycomb, you can serve honey in its natural state, allowing your family and friends to better connect with the world of natural food ingredients, including children. 

Creamed Honey 

Meanwhile, our smooth and silky creamed honey melts in your mouth! The Culinary Vegetable Institute team takes raw honey from our hives and then whips this into its oh-so-ethereal form: elegant, light, and delicious. Spread on toast or cheese, and otherwise use this flavorful product wherever your imagination takes you.

Take the Honey Duo to the Next Level

We’d like to recommend more of our unique products, ones that pair especially well with our Honeybee Duo:

  • Dario’s Focaccia Baking Mix: Loaves produced with this baking mix are a gratifying marriage of crispy crust, chewy crumb, and incredible aroma—and oh-so-delicious when topped with honey. 
  • Marmalade Experience with Jam & Jelly: This product contains our proprietary marmalades, jams, and jellies created in collaboration with Prospect Jam Company. Order the set or individually select your favorites from our site. 
  • Flowerhouse Tea Experience: Our custom tea blends (green and black) contain ingredients from The Chef’s Garden and are made in collaboration with Rare Tea Cellar. Order the set or individually select your favorites from our site. 

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