Honeybee Experience Box

Honeybee Experience Box
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We don’t ever try to outsmart Mother Nature. Instead, we farm in full accord with her rhythms, a humble participant in the intricate choreography of the seasons—and we acknowledge that honeybees play a pivotal role in this agricultural dance. In fact, the honeybee is one of the most important and hardest working members of our team.  Honeybees are the most important pollinator of food around the globe. 

On the farm we are deeply committed to connecting with our food system and, at the Culinary Vegetable Institute, we nurture the miraculous process of honey production by tucking bee hives into our spruce trees where they can feast on sweet nectar. This box offers you an opportunity to experience the results! 

Each unique item found within the Honeybee box is connected to the bees we tend with love. They include a 5-ounce box of cut honeycomb and 2-ounce container of Flowerhouse salve, plus a 50-count box of the mixed edible flowers these bees help to pollinate. In addition, this box includes Flowerhouse Tea (Green Herbal) plus a tea infuser and wooden spoon or honey dipper. When you order this box for friends, family members, and clients, you’re giving them a one-of-a-kind gift while supporting the efforts of our dedicated beekeepers who care for honeybees that help to pollinate our world.   

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