Introduction Box

Introduction Box
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Take a moment to get to know us! This box is a smaller version of our Best of the Season box and will introduce you to our nutrient-dense, antioxidant-rich, farm-fresh vegetables and herbs! Farmer Jones Farms brings you freshness, flavor, and goodness to your table. Enjoy!

This box contains vegetables for two for approximately one week.   

Items that could be in the box include:

1 lb. flavorful crispy seasonal lettuce

Best of the Day Summer Squash

Our 1 lb. of mixed greens will inspire you to create salads & sides superb

Best of the day beans 

Kohlrabi is the most underrated vegetable in the world

The use of Farmer Jones microgreen will bring your everyday recipes a new depth of flavor and added nutrient benefits.

The use of Farmer Jones microherbs will bring your everyday recipes a new depth of flavor. Fresh is best!

Yep, you can eat flowers! 
A few flowers will create magic
on a simple salad or dessert!

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