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The most important part of a good cocktail syrup is quality ingredients. That is why we have partnered with Bitters & Bubbles, a clean label, woman owned craft cocktail syrup company. B&B syrups are made with the ripest, freshest farm ingredients that are kept fresh with natural preservatives, making them a clean-label product. 

Enjoy your favorite cocktail or mocktail recipe with the addition of Bitter & Bubbles Spiced Cranberry syrup. 

Spiced Cranberry syrup is sweet and complex. Dark, rich, cranberries come together with holiday spices and earl grey tea to make an incredible cocktail. Pairs well with vodka, gin, and rum!

And to add to the freshness, we will be including The Chef’s Garden Mint & Edible Flowers. Try them alone as a garnish or muddle them into your drink.

Mint adds a slight sweetness and a floral flavor to your favorite drink, such as an old fashioned or cosmo.

Edible flowers provide a touch of color and whimsy, along with a sweetness or  bitterness to your drink.

Each bottle creates 4 cocktails.

Limited Availability.

Bitters & Bubbles

About Bitters & Bubbles

Our company began with one question in mind: how can we show people how easy it is to make great cocktails at home? We originally started with in-person, private mixology classes meant to teach small groups of friends how to make drinks with the right tools and ingredients. Unfortunately, a month into this great idea, the world fell into a global pandemic and all social gatherings shut down. In true entrepreneurial fashion, Caitlin, facing a furlough from her full-time bartending job, had to pivot. She began making and selling her own line of cocktail syrups with fun and exciting flavors. The syrups were met with huge retail success and made it easy to transition the original mixology class idea into the new virtual world. Bitters and Bubbles has facilitated over 1,000 private virtual mixology events since 2020, and continues to expand retail offerings nationwide. 

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