Mediterranean Box

Mediterranean Box
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This seasonal box is available for a limited time only! 

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re relaxing on a beach by the Mediterranean Sea. Feel the sun on your shoulders and breathe in the scent of the turquoise waters. When you open your eyes, perhaps you’ll see a whale or a dolphin. For dinner? Fresh and delicious ratatouille, of course!

While we can’t make the vacation magically happen, we can make it super simple to make your Mediterranean-style dinner, providing a box with farm-fresh ratatouille ingredients to create an easy-to-follow recipe that shares exactly how to make ratatouille, step by flavorful step. 

Easy Ratatouille Recipe

Here’s exactly how to make ratatouille! This wonderful stew of eggplant, zucchini, peppers, and tomatoes will make enough to enjoy with a crowd and still have leftovers!

Stories About Our Ratatouille Ingredients

First, the eggplant. Did you know there are nearly 400 varieties? Or that we’ve tested about 100 of them to ensure that the eggplant we grow offers up the best flavor and nutrition? As a quick look back in time, about 35 years ago, Bob Jones, Sr. had gotten up before the sun rose to drive to Decorah, Iowa to learn as much as he could about eggplant so that we could provide families like yours with the very best.

Our summer squash burst with flavor, tender and succulent in flavors that range from mildly sweet to nutty. Gorgeous hues range from deep yellow to green with their bodies being smooth to scalloped. Every variety of our farm-fresh tomatoes comes with a uniquely delicious flavor, each so wonderful that you can enjoy them with a dash of salt or fresh basil or with mozzarella in a salad—and in ratatouille. 


This hearty mix of vegetables will actually complement any European inspired meal:

  • Eggplant
  • Summer Squash
  • Tomatoes
  • Fines Herbs Blend

Onions are currently out of stock. Will return after next planting.

Visit How To Store Vegetables to learn how to keep your vegetables fresh longer.  And check out our Recipes for inspiration!  

Nutrient Dense

At The Chef’s Garden nutrition goes hand-in-hand with flavorful, quality vegetables. It is so important that in 2019, we opened an on-site agricultural research facility. We study how to maximize the flavor, color and nutrition of our vegetables in order to bring the highest quality to your door. 

As a result of our regenerative farming practices, we have found that our products can contain up to 200 to 500% more mineral content than the USDA average! Learn more about our Health and Wellness initiatives.

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