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Mixed greens consists of the best greens of the day. Crunchy, flavorful, fresh greens grow slowly and naturally in loamy soil to bring about optimum nutrients and taste – and we offer you the highest quality greens harvested daily. Types of fresh greens could include sweet and mild green ruffled mustard; red magma mustard that begins with a taste of sweet mustard, then ends with a burst of peppery heat; and red ruffled mustard that is sweet and peppery, delicate and chewy.


You may have noticed your lettuce and greens look and feel a little different. That's because we have moved them indoors to our greenhouse "still soil grown" to protect them from the Ohio elements. They have the same great flavor and nutrients but are a little less sturdy.  Hope you enjoy them just the same! 

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Health Benefits

Read all about the Health Benefits of Greens, the brain boosting food!

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