Green Beans

Green Beans
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Savor the freshness of our best of the day's green beans. These slender medium-green color beans offer up a delightfully succulent and crisp texture, with a true bean flavor. Our hand picked beans are perfect as a side dish, in salads, steamed, or stir fried—they are a versatile option for countless dishes. 

Green, 1 lb.

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Health Benefits
  • Fiber can support heart health by lowering LDL cholesterol, and help with digestion
  • Folate is important for pregnancy and lowers the risk of certain birth defects 
  • Vitamin K and calcium support bone health
  • Folate supports mental health by reducing homocysteine in the body (which can interfere with the production of proper mood-regulating hormones)
  • Contains iron to support blood health 

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