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Oca, a culinary gem hailing from the Andes, is a petite winter vegetable with an extensive legacy that spans centuries. This marvelous Peruvian tuber boasts a unique flavor profile, combining sweetness with a subtle tanginess that delights the palate. When consumed raw or lightly cooked, it delivers a satisfying crunch, adding a distinctive texture to dishes. Traditionally prepared through boiling or roasting, the Chef's Garden Oca reveals its true culinary versatility, enhancing soups, stews, and even desserts with its rich taste.

Beyond its delightful flavor, this vibrant tuber is a nutritional powerhouse, contributing essential nutrients to one's diet. Embracing the Chef's Garden Oca not only elevates the culinary experience but also offers a wholesome and healthful addition to diverse recipes.

Petite Oca. 50 ct.

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