Plant-Based Charcuterie Box

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Nothing says celebration to us more than an abundance of delicious, beautiful, and satisfying vegetables! 

Because the word “charcuterie” literally refers to cured meats, a plant-based version might sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but this plant-based version will deliver the same satisfaction as any classic board! Here’s what’s included in your box.

Petite Crudité Sampler

Our Crudité Sampler contains white, dragon, and long carrots along with royal purple and white turnips, and radishes: French breakfast, cherry bomb, and daikon. You’ll also receive farm-fresh leeks and white coin and purplette onions. 

Snacking Cucumbers

These adorable mini cucumbers are ideal for snacking—fun in size and full of flavor. You may also hear them called baby or lunchbox cukes. 

Petite Potatoes

Best of the day potatoes range in flavor, texture, and hue with each providing perfect bites of flavor. Potatoes are so versatile that you’re only limited by your imagination, and they’re an ideal addition to our plant-based charcuterie box. 

Edible Mixed Flowers 

You can enhance just about any culinary presentation with colorful edible flowers. Flavors range from sweet to slightly bitter, and from aromatic to citrus to herbaceous. Textures range from firm to succulent to soft, and from fuzzy to crispy to waxy. 


You’ll receive our best of the day mixed beets, regeneratively farmed with love and harvested upon order. You can use them in our flavorful Beet Hummus Recipe or in another way of your choice.

Root Vegetable Slices

Perfect for a plant-based charcuterie, our Root Vegetable Slices are chef inspired, flavorful and nourishing. Ingredients are regeneratively farmed and hand harvested, versatile and pairing perfectly with fresh baked bread. 

Dario's Bread Mix

With this unique bread mix, you can conveniently bake loaves of bread with a crispy crust, chewy crumb—and incredible aroma. Close your eyes, imagine the scent of bread baking, and breathe in deeply. What you imagine can come to life as you make and consume the bread.


We partnered with Prospect Jam Company, an artisan marmalade company in Ohio, to create delicious jars of goodness that allow you to experience our field production in the sweetest of ways. With this charcuterie box, you’ll receive one of our signature marmalades.

What's Included

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