Tea Hills Farms Turkey

Tea Hills Farms Turkey
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We are excited to team up with Tea Hills Farms to offer Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys, America’s most popular breed. Like The Chef’s Garden, Tea Hills Farms is a multigenerational family of farmers who believe in sustainable farming practices and providing quality products that are nutritious and flavorful.

Tea Hills Farms provides their turkeys with a nutrient-rich life in an environment that’s naturally stimulating. 

Choose a turkey that works best for your family!

  • Small - Best for 6-8 people
  • Medium - Best for 8-10 people
  • Large - Best for 10-12 people            

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Pre order today. All orders will ship on Thursday, November 19th for delivery on Friday, November 20th. Be sure to expect the delivery and refrigerate upon arrival.

Pricing includes freight.  Pick up available. Contact us at 800-289-4644.

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