Viola and Champagne Jelly

Viola and Champagne Jelly
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Our talented team brainstormed the idea of signature marmalades as part of a process to reduce food waste—with a result that’s deliciously creative. In collaboration with Prospect Jam Company, an artisan marmalade company in Ohio we've created a collection marmalades, jams and jellies that contain ingredients that are regeneratively farmed with love at The Chef’s Garden for the maximum in flavor and nutrition.

Viola and Champagne Jelly

Picture the juice of fresh apples cooked with champagne before tenderly dried edible violas are added to the mix.

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Prospect Jam Co.

Each of these products is made in collaboration with Emily Hutton of Prospect Jam Co., and her mission is ‘Inspiring intentionally unique experiences through the craft of seasonal preservation while promoting creativity and collaboration.”

Emily spent plenty of time brainstorming and experimentation with our chef team to find exactly the right ingredients and proportions for the optimal flavor, texture, and visual appeal. As an important bonus, these artisan jams allow us to reduce food waste and extend the reach of our produce. 


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