Deliciously Healthy Food for Super Bowl Sunday

Deliciously Healthy Food for Super Bowl Sunday

First, which football team do you want to win on Super Bowl 2022? Are you going with the slightly favored Los Angeles Rams or, during the Year of the Tiger, are you cheering on the Cincinnati Bengals?

Either way, the Super Bowl is nearly upon us, and so we wanted to share one of our favorite easy ways to celebrate that everyone can enjoy—Super Food Bowls! 

The beauty of the bowl is that you can prepare all the ingredients ahead of time, and then everyone can build their own, vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore versions so that everyone is happy. We love bowls because they’re warm, satisfying, and nourishing— and a perfect way to invite vegetables to the party. 

Bowls can be based on almost any theme imaginable and here are helpful tips to incorporate vegetables into these Super Bowls (including but not limited to veggie bowls):

  • Try cauliflower rice as your base. Flavor it with cilantro microgreens, crushed garlic, lime juice, and salt. Think of the rainbow. How many colorful vegetables can you add to your bowl? Not only does this make your Super Bowls very Instagram-able because of how beautiful they’ll be, you’ll get benefits of all the phytonutrients (like cancer fighting antioxidants) that make the vegetables so colorful.
  • Bengals fans: We encourage the use of carrots, sweet potatoes, or squash: Go, Orange! Keep the faith in your scrappy underdog team.
  • Rams fans: Yellow peppers in your bowl with blueberries as a sweet snack on the side will show your true blue (and yellow) loyalty.
  • Fermented vegetables add interesting flavors, textures, and color to a bowl while also packing a probiotic punch. Fermented vegetables are a great way to support healthy digestion. Vegetable-based dressings and sauces are a wonderful way to add flavor to bowls.
  • Having a few different dressings or sauces allows your guests to be creative as they build their own bowls. Using an unfiltered olive oil in place of soybean oil actually helps you to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K seven times better. Everyone loves a little crunch.
  • Try quickly heating garlic roots in oil until crispy, and then use them to garnish your bowl. It adds delicious garlic flavor and crunch.

You can also use veggies in place of grain-based carbs and, if you’re wanting to pull out all of the stops, here are two recipes to consider:


No matter which team you root for—and no matter what vegetables you use—enjoy the day!


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