Root Vegetable Slices

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Introducing The Chef’s Garden Root Vegetable Slices

A whole new way to enjoy vegetables! Our Root Vegetable Slices are a chef inspired, flavorful, nourishing alternative to deli meats and are 100% root vegetables! Versatile, plant based and ready for your favorite application. Quality flavors from the fields of The Chef’s Garden have never been so convenient.  

Plant Forward 

  • Nutrient-dense, plant-based alternative
  • Hand-harvested, regeneratively farmed and sustainably grown
  • Clean ingredients shipped direct from our farm


  • Save valuable preparation time. Slices are ready to serve.
  • Easy, delicious alternative option that is quick to prepare.


  • Sandwich option for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack!

1 lb. package, 4 servings per package

5 lb. package, 20 servings per package


Beets, Carrots, Turnips, Radishes, Parsnips, Water, Salt, Ascorbic Acid, Calcium Chloride 

Usage Ideas
  • Veggie Wrap
  • Pizza
  • Sliders
  • Burrito
  • Panini
  • Monte Cristo
  • BBQ Root 
  • Club
  • Muffaletta
Health Benefits
  • Good source of carotenoids which decrease risk of certain cancers and improve eye health 
  • Beets have betaine, an antioxidant which aids in heart health 
  • Beta carotene in carrots is turned into vitamin A and helps with vision and immunity 
  • Turnips are high in vitamin C which supports immune system
Nutrition Statement

When considering the sodium content of our root vegetable slices, it is first necessary to make sure you are comparing similar serving sizes. Our Root Vegetable Slices have a 4 oz or 120-gram serving size. Looking at the same serving size deli ham has approximately 1,178mg of sodium and deli turkey has approximately 1,017mg of sodium. Our root vegetable slices are most comparable to low or reduced-sodium deli meats. 

When considering sodium intake it is also important to consider potassium intake. Including vegetables like spinach, broccoli, beet greens, swiss chard, squash, and tomatoes helps create a balance of sodium and potassium in the diet. 

Note: If you do not have normal kidney function please talk with your healthcare provider prior to making any dietary changes regarding sodium or potassium.

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