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Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef's Garden

The Chef's Garden at Home provides nutritious, regeneratively grown vegetables to home cooks nationwide. We seek to provide our community with vegetables grown in a way that's healthy for you and good for the planet. We promise these vegetables inspired and used by some of the best chefs in the world are unlike anything else you have tasted.

We can't wait to be your personal farmer.

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Barilla x Farmer Jones Farm Collaboration Box
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Root Vegetable Slices

A whole new way to enjoy vegetables! Our Root Vegetable Slices are a chef inspired, flavorful, nourishing alternative to deli meats and are 100% root vegetables!

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Cooking with Dr. Amy Sapola

What Customers Are Saying About Farmer Jones Farm

This is a great box to get you inspired in your kitchen again. So many fresh flavors and colors to play with. You won't want to get your produce anywhere else after trying the chef's garden!

Carol H

We’ve tried many produce delivery services, this is by far our favorite!

Blake B

The most amazing assortment of beautiful veggies. Things I’ve never seen before, like oca. And the flavors! NOTHING like what you get in the stores. Doesn’t even compare. Flavor, flavor, flavor.

Mary L

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