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Firelands Coffee
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Harvesting Excellence: Our Collaboration with Firelands Coffee Co.

Introducing our exciting collaboration with Firelands Coffee Co., where we've joined hands to bring you two remarkable coffee blends that embody the essence of hard work, dedication, and the beauty of nature.

Bowtie Blend | Dark Roast
Introducing The Bow Tie Blend by Firelands Coffee Co., a coffee as unique as the early risers and the dedicated workers who tend to our fields. It's the first one up, the last one to bed, just like those who toil under the harvest moon and greet the sunrise before the roosters even crow. This dark roast is a tribute to the tireless souls who sow the seeds of our future, and it carries with it a subtle hint of nostalgia that warms the heart. Roasted in a special collaboration with Farmer Lee Jones and Chef Jamie Simpson, The Bow Tie Blend captures the essence of hard work and dedication that goes into every cup. With each sip, you're not just enjoying coffee; you're savoring the spirit of those who cultivate the land and nurture our culinary traditions. It's a testament to the enduring bond between the earth, the farmer, and the chef, all in a single cup.

8 oz. / 227 g. Sustainably Roasted

A Walk Through the Garden | Medium Roast
Firelands Coffee Co. proudly presents "A Walk Through the Garden," a medium blend coffee that's not just a cup of joe, but a sensory journey. In a special collaboration with the visionary Farmer Lee Jones and the culinary artistry of Chef Jamie Simpson, this coffee is a testament to the harmony between agriculture and gastronomy. With each sip, you embark on a flavor-filled adventure that evolves from the first tantalizing note to the last lingering whisper. Just like an early morning stroll through the Chef's Garden, this aromatic blend reveals layers of subtle nuances and exquisite undertones, inviting you to savor the essence of nature's bounty with every cup. It's a truly enchanting coffee experience that bridges the gap between the farm and your favorite mug, connecting you to the earth's beauty in every delicious sip.

8 oz. / 227 g. Sustainably Roasted

Both of these exceptional blends are more than just coffee; they are a celebration of the dedication and passion that go into every cup, bringing you closer to the heart of the farm and the art of culinary excellence. Experience the magic of our collaboration with Firelands Coffee Co., where every sip tells a story of hard work, innovation, and the beauty of nature.

Firelands Coffee Co.

At Firelands Coffee Co., we proudly embrace “The New Traditional” 
A movement defined by a sustainable & intentional lifestyle that pays tribute to the craftsmanship of our past. We invite you to join in our mission to redefine the modern coffee experiment at Firelands Coffee Co.

  • 100% Electric & Ventless Roaster
  • Sustainable Packaging
  • Repurposed Byproducts 

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