Regenerative Farming: The Heart and Soul of What We Do

Delicious and nutritious vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers available at Farmer Jones Farm are all grown with love at The Chef’s Garden under the guidance of “Farmer” Lee Jones and Bob Jones, Jr. The Chef's Garden, located in Northern Ohio by the shores of Lake Erie, uses regenerative farming methods alongside the use of innovative technology to continue to stay on the leading edge of the produce business. 

We truly have a passion for regenerative farming as we grow vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with nature and leave the land in better shape than we found it, farming with care, attention, and intention. 

Wondering “What is regenerative farming, exactly?” In a nutshell, it involves using special techniques to create healthy soil in which to grow healthy crops that provide the maximum in flavor and nutrition for people who enjoy eating them. Those are just some of the benefits of regenerative farming. It also contributes to a healthy planet and can even come to the rescue with food shortages

At a high level, regenerative farming involves planting multi-species cover crops and using them to enrich the soil. This allows us to have much less competition from weeds, which eliminates the need for chemicals, and builds healthy soil for healthy crops, healthy people, and a healthy planet. 

At Farmer Jones Farm, our team is our greatest asset as we farm in harmony with Mother Nature, using traditional farming techniques in innovative ways for today and tomorrow. And, as you can see, we could talk about regenerative farming as long as we have an audience; but, for now, we’ll leave you with these things:

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Our promise to you, which is that we will continue to grow exceptional vegetables—just as we have for many decades—while caring for each other and the land and inspiring a vegetable-forward future.