Carrot Pot Roast

Carrot Pot Roast

This is true comfort food. From its preparation to serving to eating, the carrot pot roast is a wholesome and highly aromatic dinner. It’s perfect for serving with a bottle of wine and sharing with friends. To achieve the right richness of texture and flavor, it’s essential to make the demi-glace. Be sure to serve this with plenty of crusty bread.

This recipe is an excerpt from The Chef's Garden: A Modern Guide to Common and Unusual Vegetables -with Recipes



  • Robin Rider

    These are the most beautiful vegetables I have ever seen!

  • A.W.

    Great recipe to serve for a holiday or other special occasion dinner. It is time intensive but you can make the demi-glace ahead of time. A few things to know (1) I had almost no liquid left after Step 6. Given that the demi-glace recipe makes 4 cups and this recipe only needs 1 cup, next time I’ll 2X the liquid ingredients (2) open windows and start exhaust fan for Steps 2-4 or you’ll set off smoke alarms (3) In Step 6, there were no peppercorns left after cooking to be removed, but none of us bit into one. I guess they dissolved in the cooking process. (4) If you are not using the super tiny petite potatoes shown in the photo, slice yours to 1/2 inch thickness and count each slice as 1 potato (5) I was worried because after a lot of time and effort to make the demi-glace sauce, it tasted like crispy vegetable broth – nothing I’d want to serve on its own. But you add the wine and cook with the carrots, it becomes amazing. Just follow the recipe and it will turn out great.

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