Orange Bell Pepper and Pineapple Gimlet

Orange Bell Pepper and Pineapple Gimlet

Source: Mixologist Jeff Naples



  • 2 oz Hendricks Mid Summer Solstice (can be done with rum as daiquiri)
  • 1 orange bell pepper (or bell pepper color of your choice)
  • 6 oz pineapple juice (or ¼ fresh pineapple)
  • ½ oz simple syrup
  • ½ lime juice 
  • Red beets


    • Slice the sides off of 1 orange bell pepper, and throw sides into a blender with 6 oz pineapple juice.
    • Blend until smooth.
    • Run through a fine mesh strainer to remove any extra bits.
    • Combine 1½ oz of pineapple, bell pepper blend with 2 oz of Hendricks Mid Summar Solstice, ½ simple syrup and ½ oz lime juice.
    • Shake ingredients with ice.
    • For rim, use beet root powder. (See recipe below)


    Root Powder Recipe

    • Thinly slice red beets.
    • Place them in a food dehydrator (or convection oven on 275-300 degrees for 45 minutes).
    • Dehydrate for about 12 hours.
    • Then take dehydrated beets, place in food processor, and grind to food powder.
    • Place beet powder on plate.
    • Use lime to rim the edge of the glass.
    • Roll rim of glass in beet powder.
    • Strain gimlet into glass.

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