Nutritious Vegetables—Delivered Directly

Farm-Fresh, Nutrient-Dense Vegetables

At The Chef’s Garden nutrition goes hand-in-hand with flavorful, quality vegetables. It is so important that in 2019, we opened an on-site agricultural research facility. We study how to maximize the flavor, color and nutrition of our vegetables in order to bring the highest quality to your door.

Picture the delicious food that you enjoyed at Grandma’s table and this will give you a taste of the ingredients that will be directly delivered to your door.


Powerhouse Vegetable Box

Healthy soil produces healthy vegetables for healthy people.

We use special regenerative farming techniques to create healthy soil—resulting in healthy vegetables for healthy people. Regenerative agriculture is at the heart and soul of everything we do as we grow vegetables slowly and gently in full accord with nature.

As a result of our regenerative farming practices, we have found that our products can contain up to 200 to 500% more mineral content than the USDA average! The vegetables in this specially curated box are rich in Vitamin C, B6, A, and K, and are a great source of fiber, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, folate, and manganese.

Products may vary by season. Products shown are for reference only.



Feeding Your Family Nutritious Food. It Even FEELS Good

When you order fresh vegetables from Farmer Jones Farm, you’re providing wholesomely flavorful food for friends and family. You’re also supporting a multi-generational family farm where the entire team takes pride in our land. We are 100% committed to growing the best food possible in carefully tended fields.

The best way for us to consume nutrients is through fresh vegetables. Read about Eating the Rainbow below.


Powerhouse Vegetables

Farm to Table Freshness