Strawberry Challenge

Strawberry Challenge Rules and Information
Farmer Jones Farm Market Strawberry Festival

 Contest Rules and Information

Please register by Friday June 21st at 5:00PM

Entries should be delivered between

11:30AM -12:00PM Saturday June 22nd, 2024

Judging will be from 12:00-12:30PM.

The awards will be announced around 12:45PM.

Contest Rules

  1. Entry fee is $10 per entry
  2. There will be 2 divisions: Children (14 and under), and Adults (15 and up)
  3. Prizes for each division: 1st Place - $50 gift card, 2nd Place-$30 gift card, 3rd Place-$20 gift card
  4. This challenge is intended for home cooks/bakers only. Professional chefs/bakers or those who earn a portion of their livelihood from baking or cooking may not enter the contest.
  5. If you are a winner, you give permission to have your photo taken during the award announcement and have it used for future promotional purposes.
  6. Contestants may have more than one entry, but can only win one prize.
  7. Types of food that may be entered:
    1. Baked Goods: Cakes,Cupcakes, Cookies, Bars, Pies, Cobbler, Pastries
    2. Homemade Ice cream
    3. Salads, Gelatin Salads
    4. Gazpacho, Salsa
    5. Just about any food item which features strawberries
  8. The Farm Market at The Chef’s Garden will provide each contestant with 2 quarts of strawberries. These may be picked up on June 18th -21st  between 10:00AM-5:00PM from the Farm Market.
  9. Items must include strawberries and must be home cooked (no store bought, cannot contain commercial mixes, no artificial colors or flavoring).
  10. Any leftover items are the property of the contestants.
  11. It is recommended that your entry be submitted in/on a disposable container. If your name is on the container it will need to be covered prior to judging.
  12. If entering cupcakes, cookies/bars or pastries, a half-dozen is a sufficient quantity to bring for judging.
  13. Contestants may work individually or with a team. However, the total value of all prizes will remain the same no matter how many team members exist.

Contest Day

  1. Check-in will be from 11:30AM -12:00PM inside the market. Please be on time.
  2. When you deliver your entry, be sure to sign in with your name, phone number, and title of your recipe.
  3. No visitors, contestants, or children will be allowed in the judging area.

Scoring System

  1. Each contestant will be assigned a number for judging.
  2. Each judge will assign a numerical value of 1-10, with 10 being the highest in each criteria category, without consultation with other judges.
  3. You will be judged on the categories: taste, texture, and appearance.
  4. The judges will tally all of the ballots. The contestant with the highest score will be the winner.
  5. In case of a tie, the taste category will be the tiebreaker.
  6. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be awarded.


Prizes will be announced around 12:45 PM the day of the contest. You must be present to win.

Any questions please contact Rita Holler at