Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef's Garden

For over 30 years The Chef's Garden has supplied some of the world's finest chefs and their restaurants with fresh vegetables and now those same vegetables are available to you at home through Farmer Jones Farm.

At The Chef's Garden, we care deeply about the environment, and grow produce using natural methods that nurture the earth, our crops, and future generations.

We pride ourselves on growing the freshest most nutritious vegetables so you can feel good about eating fresh.

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Best vegetables. Great customer service and delivery. I bought the book and have had multiple deliveries. The best! I sent to my grandchildren and they loved the gift!


The freshest, most delicious salads and vegetables. Beautifully packaged. Some fun surprises like multi-colored beets and edible flowers for salads or garnish. It's the leafy greens though...oh those leafy greens! The highlight of my week is when the Chef's Garden package arrives.

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