Artisan Jam: Viola Jam

Artisan Jam: Viola Jam

If you enjoy tasting the rainbow of unique jam flavors, then this is definitely one to indulge in.

This spring, we partnered again with Prospect Jam Company to create a truly unique artisan jam, one that features gorgeous edible flowers that are regeneratively grown with love on our farm.

Envision apples being juiced and cooked with champagne—and then violas that were harvested with care and then tenderly dried were added to the mix. These delightful edible flowers ultimately turned this apple-champagne-viola mixture into a gorgeous jewel shade of ruby red, and this signaled that it was time to strain out what was left of the flowers.

Then, this mixture was topped with dried edible flowers before being jarred and sealed. The steam vapor coming off the hot jelly rehydrates the blooms, creating a stunning look when the jar is opened—and a one-of-a-kind tasting experience. These blossoms can be stirred into the mix, which may be more like a jelly, really, than a jam before being added to a sandwich, carrot, or piece of cheese, as just three examples. Or top angel food cake with this artisan jam—or our Shortbread Cookie Mix.

Unique Marmalade Flavors

We invite you to try our:

Each of these products is made in collaboration with Emily Hutton of Prospect Jam Co., and her mission is ‘Inspiring intentionally unique experiences through the craft of seasonal preservation while promoting creativity and collaboration.”

Emily spent plenty of time brainstorming and experimentation with our chef team to find exactly the right ingredients and proportions for the optimal flavor, texture, and visual appeal. As an important bonus, these artisan jams allow us to reduce food waste and extend the reach of our produce.




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