Farm-Fresh Vegetables Delivered with Premier Bowtie Service

Farm-Fresh Vegetables Delivered with Premier Bowtie Service

For decades, we’ve grown top quality vegetables, using regenerative farming techniques to provide our customers with the most flavorful and nutritious produce possible. Through our parent company, The Chef’s Garden, we’ve grown and shipped these farm-fresh vegetables to top chefs and restaurants around the country and world—and now, through Farmer Jones Farm, we’re sending the same quality of fresh produce to home cooks just like you. 

High-level steps look like this:

  • Seeds are planted through regenerative farming, including through the use of cover crops.
  • Crops are then tended with personal attention, in ways that are environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and economically viable.
  • Crops are harvested with care at the peak of freshness and flavor.
  • They are packed in an area that uses truly cutting edge technology for the ultimate in food safety.
  • Our farm team then ships your order directly to you, with the red bowtie on each box signifying the bowtie service we provide.

This red bowtie represents our noteworthy customer service and symbolizes our commitment to quality throughout the process.

You matter. We care.

So, Why the Red Bowtie? Let’s Ask Farmer Lee Jones

Back when Lee was in high school, he didn’t really enjoy reading the assigned books. In fact, he thought that he and his friends were pretty smart when they learned about Cliff Notes and how you could get a summary of an entire book by using them. 

When a teacher assigned Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck, though, Lee at least leafed through the pages. After all, it was about farming, right?

To his surprise, he became interested in this book, even engaged, and so he kept on reading. He became involved in the heartbreaking stories of the families who desperately wanted to hold onto their farms during the depths of the Great Depression. When they failed, Lee could imagine as they “piled up all of their belongings—along with Gram and Gramps, and the family dog—in one old jalopy.”

Yes, he knew this poignant story was fictional, and yet it captured an historic era where farmers—who simply wanted to work with dignity and feed their families—did lose their farms and did need to seek out day work at ranches.

“Although they might earn 50 cents a day,” Lee says, “they’d almost own the rancher money after putting in their full day’s work.” 

That’s because they’d need to return half of their daily wages to stay in the camp. Figure in food costs and water for their showers, they were barely surviving financially, even after working all day.

Lee’s favorite scene is when these exhausted workers nevertheless put on clean overalls, white shirts, and bowties for a Saturday night square dance. “Their outfits might have been worn and torn,” he says, “but their clothing was clean. These outfits, including the bowties, represented their pride in their work and their dignity.”

Quality: Integral Part of Our Work

To remember those hardworking farmers and to embrace their values of honesty and dignity, Farmer Lee wears an outfit that resembles what was worn at that square dance. And each and every time we put a red bowtie on a box of farm-fresh vegetables that we’ll ship to you, we remember and honor those values and that promise of quality.

Farmer’s Market Products Delivered Directly to You

Let us be your personal farmer—and your personal shopper! You can choose from a variety of home delivery boxes that are full of high quality fresh vegetables, the same produce that world class chefs use daily in their kitchens.

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