Farming for Health Podcast

Farming for Health Podcast

Yes! We’ve started a podcast. In it, Dr. Amy Sapola, Pharm.D., FAIHM, IFMCP—our farm’s Farmacy Director—will chat with leaders in food, farming, and health and wellness to spread knowledge about and inspire a plant-forward future. Farmer Lee Jones will be her occasional guest host.

In our first podcast episode, Amy talked with Tara Garrison, a certified personal trainer, nutritionist, and mindset coach who helps high performers. Tara is also the creator of the Keto In & Out System where she teaches people how to “Do Keto. Not Forever.” The goal of this is to optimize metabolism, brain power, and athletic performance and physician physiques. 

With that introduction, we invite you to sit back, relax, and listen to episode number one of the Farming for Health Podcast: Keto, Cruciferous Vegetables, Salt and Your Mindset.

Glimpse Into Our Podcast

As Tara settles into the conversation, she notes that coming to the farm was a real paradigm shift for her as she witnessed how much everyone cares: about the health of our soil, for example, and the excitement everyone feels when an experiment with tomatoes works out well. The passion that reverberates at the farm, Tara says, really resonates with her.

She grew up being fed what she calls the “standard American diet” with plenty of processed and fast foods, ones with a lot of calories but few nutrients. Tara’s parents had an interest in eating a healthy diet, but it would go by the wayside.

Tara went on to have four kids before she began to eat real food, a diet that she embraced when she began bodybuilding. Eating a plant-forward diet and exercising regularly absolutely flooded her body with nutrients and energy. When that happened, her goals to be a Spanish teacher also went by the wayside. What she learned about eating well, she says, matters too much. She wants others to enjoy the same amazing experiences. Thus, she became a coach.

To hear more about Tara’s experiences, listen to what she says as a guest on our first episode of the Farming for Health Podcast: Keto, Cruciferous Vegetables, Salt and Your Mindset.


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