Farming for Health Podcast #24: Chef Aaron Bludorn

Farming for Health Podcast #24: Chef Aaron Bludorn

Growing up on a small island across from Puget Sound in Washington, Aaron Bludorn experienced what he called a “normal childhood.” When he turned sixteen, he took a job as a cook at a greasy spoon diner and, in college, he worked at restaurants. Throughout his work experiences, he gained a love for the culinary industry, leaving college to attend the Culinary Institute of America. 

Chef Aaron then worked at a restaurant in Seattle before spending three years in the beautiful Napa Valley at Cyrus Restaurant, further enhancing his skills under the tutelage of Michelin-star Chef Douglas Keene. Aaron assumed that he’d continue to live on the West Coast, but Doug insisted that he move to New York as a next step in his career and connected him with Chef Daniel Boulud—a man who has launched many chefs onto their own unique paths. 

In 2009, Aaron joined Cafe Boulud, becoming part of a team of vibrant talent under the direction of Executive Chef Gavin Kaysen. After a wonderful experience there, Aaron told Gavin that he was moving on, but Gavin told him that there was more they needed to do together, and so he stayed. Ultimately, Gavin recommended Aaron to take his position as executive chef and, in that position, Aaron nurtured the next generation of culinary professionals. 

More recently, he married Victoria—a woman who was from Houston—and so they moved there. Aaron has opened two restaurants of his own: Navy Blue, a modern seafood restaurant, and Bludorn where he presents French-inspired American fare. 

Aaron has also shared more insights into his journey to help others, including at Roots 2023: Regenerate. After a five-year hiatus of The Chef Garden’s signature Root conference, the event was held in September. There, Aaron spoke on a panel about mental health in the food industry

Find out more about Aaron’s fascinating story in Mentorship, Self-Care, and Hospitality.

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