Farming for Health Podcast #29: Chef Zane Holmquist

Farming for Health Podcast #29: Chef Zane Holmquist

Lasagna and pickled herrings . . . taco night with pickled beets on the side . . . Chef Zane Holmquist has Swedish ancestry on both sides, so he grew up with American meals that had plenty of Scandinavian input. His mom was an “amazing cook” who managed multiple restaurants, so he grew up in a food-centric family and environment.

His mom would make a deal with her kids, including Zane. Stay out of trouble, and you won’t have to wash dishes in a restaurant. Zane’s siblings took that route whereas he found himself in trouble enough that he spent a significant amount of dish washing in the 1970s. Fortunately, the chef there kept him out of trouble. 

Throughout high school, Zane cooked. He didn’t enjoy academic pursuits, dealing with dyslexia and other challenges. Education simply wasn’t his thing. He didn’t enjoy classroom structure, which is true of many people living with dyslexia; it just wasn’t his happy place. 

After his school, a chef got Zane into a culinary apprenticeship program at the Salt Lake Community College, which helped him to transition from being a cook to a chef. He learned about the business side of the restaurant industry and health and nutrition information. 

Next up was the Culinary Industry of America (CIA) in New York. He graduated in 1991 and gained experience as a chef in Manhattan, Hawaii, Palm Springs, and Utah where he worked in a large brewery. Then, he and his wife moved on the mountain where he ran a small hotel for six years. Then, for the past twenty-three and a half years, he’s remained on the mountain, working for the Stein Eriksen Lodge Deer Valley. Initially, he served as the executive chef; he’s now the vice president of food and beverage.

To hear the rest of Zane’s amazing journey—and there’s plenty more!—you can listen to our Farming for Health podcast: Triathlons, Eat to Nourish, and Be Bold With Your Cooking.

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