Farming for Health Podcast #32: Kevin Boehm

Farming for Health Podcast #32: Kevin Boehm

When James Beard Foundation Award-winning restaurateur Kevin Boehm is asked to describe BIÂN—the private club where he serves as chairman—he shares that it’s hard to capture its essence in just a couple of sentences. That’s because there really isn’t anything else quite like BIÂN. 

A club in Chicago that focuses on wellness, work, and connectivity, the goal is to provide physical, emotional, medical, and social health in hyper individualized ways to members: wellness for mind, body, and soul. Kevin says that people have joked that he’s created something that he wanted for himself but couldn’t find—and that’s actually true.

In their center for holistic health, BIÂN Medical is overseen by a medical director and features doctors that specialize in Chinese medicine, naturopathy, Ayurveda medicine, and more. There’s a psychologist as well. As far as BIÂN’s health club aspects, there’s a yoga room, a Pilates room, a gym, an outdoor gym, steam rooms, nap rooms, and more. In the area for BIÂN Beauty, members can have access to luxurious skincare treatments as well as medical grade aesthetics such as injectables.

Then there’s the restaurant at BIÂN. For a club setting, it’s important to have a broad menu for each of the three meal times, one that aligns with health goals but is still quite “craveable.” To make that happen, restaurant offerings have been designed with intention using quality ingredient sourcing. Kevin notes that eating at this restaurant is one of the components of his own wellness journey. 

To find out more about Kevin’s adventures, listen to “BIÂN, Holistic Health, and Filling Your Tank.”

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