Food traceability and clean eating: from our fields to your door

Food traceability and clean eating: from our fields to your door

Picture going out into your backyard, picking a ripe red apple, washing it off, and then taking a big bite out of its juicy deliciousness. You can imagine the freshness, can’t you? You can imagine the crunch.

Perhaps, once the weather warms up, you can have exactly that experience. Or maybe you can’t, given that not everyone is lucky enough to have an apple tree in their own yard. You can, however, enjoy freshly harvested vegetables, year-round, thanks to The Chef's Garden—vegetables that are clearly and directly traceable from our rich lake bottom soil to your front door—freshly harvested vegetables that have 300-600 percent more vitamins and minerals than the USDA baseline.

Problems with Processed Foods

Nowadays, you can stroll into a grocery store to see a wider variety of food options than ever before. You can walk into a superstore and perhaps become overwhelmed by all of the choices. Unfortunately, plenty of these items are processed foods, including those that are ultra-processed with lots of saturated fats and added sugar and salt. They’ll also contain less fiber and fewer vitamins and minerals.

With processed foods, it will be quite challenging to know exactly where each of the ingredients have come from and you probably wouldn’t want to know how the artificial ingredients were created. Although no two packages of processed foods come with exactly the same challenges,  they “usually contain ingredients that could be harmful if consumed in excess,” according to Medical News Today.

To get even more specific, this article cites a study of more than 100,000 adults that shows how eating 10 percent more in ultra-processed foods was connected with increasing risks of cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disorders, and coronary heart disease by 10 percent.

There is a better way!

Benefits of Food Traceability

When you know where your food was grown, then you’ll know how it was grown. At The Chef's Garden, we fully embrace regenerative farming techniques that allow us to farm in harmony with Mother Nature—using the best of what our ancestors did before farming became connected with pouring chemicals into the soil. You can eat the rainbow, enjoying every single bite of flavorful and nutritious goodness in your clean eating.

Now that COVID has been in the United States for a full year, many people are looking for ways to help prevent their families from becoming ill from this virus. And, in a recent issue of The Beet, more than one expert recommends a plant-based diet that “focuses on eating more whole plant-based foods” with a “focus on a heart-healthy diet, to reduce the pre-existing conditions that allow COVID to make people severely sick.”

Not all vegetables are the same, though. One in-depth study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, looked at 43 different crops, mostly vegetables, from 1950-1999. The conclusion: nutritional value in them, overall, has declined in six statistically reliable ways.

But not in fresh vegetables grown here!

Regeneratively Farmed Fresh Vegetables: Exceeding USDA Baselines

Results from our agricultural research lab have been independently verified—and our farm-fresh vegetables that burst with flavor also have 300 to 600 percent more in nutrients than the USDA baseline. To feed your family these nutritional powerhouse foods, we invite you to order from Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef's Garden.

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