Innovative Bread Mix: Ultimate in Flavor, Versatility, and Convenience

Innovative Bread Mix: Ultimate in Flavor, Versatility, and Convenience

Imagine the scene (one you might find quite familiar). You’re ready to cook a meal for your family but, when you reach for the bread, it’s gone. You then remember that family members used the last of the store-bought loaf to pack lunches for the day.

Frustrating, right? Well, what if you could quickly and easily make delicious homemade bread, muffins, flatbreads, pizza crusts, wraps and more from a versatile bread making kit that uses quality ingredients? What if you could pop it into the oven and, as you’re handling your meal prep, family members come into the kitchen to ask you what smells so good? What if you could now bake bread and more that uses the ingredients you already have in your refrigerator and pantry?

Enter the bread mixes created by the chefs at The Culinary Vegetable Institute, ones that are now available for order at Farmer Jones Farm at The Chef's Garden—meaning, the website and soon, the farmer’s market.

Story of Dario’s Bread

Whenever Chef Dario Torres made his signature focaccia at the CVI, we’d know that we were in for a special treat—and when people would eat a meal there, his bread was a highly popular item. So, full credit goes to him and his amazing recipe. 

More recently, Chef Tristan Acevedo noted how, when home cooks ordered their fresh vegetable boxes from Farmer Jones Farm, there was a key element missing: their ability to also order bread mixes. The reality, he shared, is that no bread, muffin, or cake can possibly be as good as ones you pull warm from your own oven.

Bread Making Kit


Because the CVI chefs used to teach bread making classes—and Dario had already created his incredible focaccia bread—the pieces were already in place to create our bread making kit, one that’s now available on the Farmer Jones Farm website.

Benefit from Our Bread Kit

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • The bread mixes are created from carefully selected quality ingredients.
  • You’ll also receive straightforward step by step instructions.
  • If you follow the instructions, you’ll have baked a memorable bread loaf that is a result of years of trial, error, success, and great love.
  • This bread kit is also quite versatile. You can:
    • Make the dough in advance.
    • Use the right amount for a loaf.
    • Add potatoes, peppers, herbs, onions, garlic, tomatoes, leafy greens, and more for a personalized recipe.
    • Use just about any fresh vegetables, herbs and more that are included in a Farmer Jones Farm home delivery box.
    • Use the dough to create a family pizza night.
    • Create quick and easy flatbreads and wraps and then let each family member add ingredients that you set out on a counter or table.
    • Bake it, fry it, cook it in a waffle iron and then use the result for one-of-a-kind sandwiches.

No matter what you do, choose the ingredients you want to include and enjoy the results. This bread mix is designed for a wide range of cooking experiences, and we’d love to hear more about what you create. (Note that is just the first of a series of dry mixes that we’ll craft and offer to home cooks.)

Thoughtfully Designed Just for Our Home Cooks

Yes, the recipe and instructions are key—and we ensured that what we’re providing will produce a consistently delicious result. In addition, we mindfully considered the packaging—including the bread mixes’ bags and the tube used to ship them to your front door—along with the graphics chosen, the paper weight for the recipe, the custom labels, and more. We want to enhance your experience with this bread making kit from start to finish.

Bonus Benefits

Because you can use just about any vegetable with these bread mixes, this offering will help to make the world a more delicious and vegetable-forward place. Because you can use older vegetables in your bread recipes (as well as trim that you might otherwise throw away), this helps to reduce food waste and stretch family budgets while still using quality ingredients. Really, this focaccia can be topped with just about anything you can imagine.

Get Your Bread Making Kit

When we say that we’d love to hear how you’ll use our bread making kits—and how you use our fresh vegetables—we mean it. You can now order your bread mixes online at Farmer Jones Farm, so let us know what you think! Enjoy.

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    What do you have to add to the mix. Can it be made oil free ?

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