Regenified Certification, Leading the Way in Regenerative Agriculture

Regenified Certification, Leading the Way in Regenerative Agriculture

The Chef’s Garden proudly announces its achievement of Regenified Certification, a testament to its commitment to regenerative farming practices and environmental stewardship. To achieve certification by Regenified, a global leader in regenerative agriculture verification. Regenified’s seal and product claim is the first 3rd party regenerative program to be recognized and accepted by USDA Food Safety and Inspection Services for single and multi-ingredient products.

Regenified's mission is to facilitate the widespread global adoption of regenerative farming, addressing critical environmental challenges and ensuring the production of nutrient-dense, regeneratively grown food. Designed to move entire supply chains toward regenerative agriculture, its 6-3-4 Verification Standard™ creates consistency and protocols to track progress in the regeneration of agricultural systems.

"Growing as close to nature as possible has long been a driving motivation for us here at The Chef's Garden. Working with the team at Regenified has been a great experience as we learned a lot during the auditing process that has helped us advance our efforts in growing healthy soils and healthy plants. Nutrient density only comes when the entire ecosystem is in tune with nature and that cascades into our local community as well," said Bob Jones, CEO. "Healthy soils, plants, people and planet are not just words to our team here at the farm. We live it and are honored to be working with the team at Regenified to move agriculture forward in our little corner of the world."

The Chef’s Garden is committed to growing exceptional vegetables, caring for each other and the land, and inspiring a vegetable-forward future. Being Certified Regenified allows the farm to show with transparency the regenerative practices it has implemented, by measuring the impact of its efforts to rebuild life in the soil and the health of its ecosystems.

"Salar Shemirani, chief executive officer at Regenified, says, 'When consumers buy from farms that have achieved Certified Regenified status, they can be assured of supporting positive change for the planet that has been measured, verified, and validated through extensive on-field and in-lab testing, and data collection.”

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